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Cloud-based digital audio workstation

Soundtrap for Education is on a mission to make music creation and storytelling simple and collaborative for everyone. Soundtrap is your everywhere studio. An online music and podcast studio, that’s easy to use and highly collaborative.

Annual subscription, cost is per user (minimum of 50 users).
Users includes students and teachers.

School wide site licenses are now available for schools with a total population of 300+ students. Contact Music EDnet for details.

Safe Technology for Schools

The Safer Technologies 4 School (ST4S) Product Badge Program was developed to help school leaders and educators easily identify suppliers who have been assessed through ST4S.

The badge gives schools peace of mind that a product or service has met the minimum required standards to participate in the badge program, and that comprehensive privacy and security information is available to support usage in schools.

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Soundtrap for Education – The Digital classroom

LMS Integration

Soundtrap for Education is the platform designed for students and teachers to create and edit audio recordings. Soundtrap empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, all ages, and all ability levels! There are absolutely endless possibilities to create and edit audio, collaborate with peers, and for teachers to support students in a virtual learning environment.

Soundtrap integrates with Noteflight and, and also with LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and Musicfirst. Creation, assessment, and evaluation of assignments is smooth and seamless. Soundtrap is committed to being responsive to the future-ready classroom.

From anywhere on Any Device

Soundtrap works seamlessly across all wifi connected devices. And since the Studio is completely cloud-powered, students can continue working on their projects from home. You will have access to an extensive collection of quality loops, effects, and software instruments. Soundtrap is easy and intuitive to use by both teachers and students—of all ability levels—who want to create professional and polished projects.

Create, Communicate and Collaborate

Enjoy endless collaboration; between students, teachers, different classes wherever you are, in real time!

Editing made easy

Transform spoken word into text and edit your recording as you would a text document. Take your workflow to the next level with the game-changing interactive transcript.

Patterns Beatmaker

Make your own beats in an easy and intuitive way.

Loops & Presets

4,000+ high quality beats and presets. You want it? We’ve got it.

What’s included in Soundtrap for Education, but not in Soundtrap consumer accounts:

It’s a safe environment for young students.

All educational accounts come with a walled garden and designed to be compliant with COPPA to keep young students safe. This allows students to work together in their own, protected environment.

It’s customised for the classroom.

In Soundtrap for Education, you have a teacher’s admin panel where you find all your students and groups. You can easily integrate Soundtrap with Google Classroom, and also create assignments for your students. Using the assignment feature automatically gets you access to your students’ work.

It’s way cheaper.

Soundtrap for Education is heavily discounted compared to the regular consumer accounts (Premium & Pro) and it includes all the Premium features.

  • Unlimited projects
  • 800+ instruments and sounds
  • 15,000+ loops, sound effects & presets
  • 1,000+ sound effects from
  • Time Restore
  • Automation
  • Interactive transcription

It is purchased as an annual subscription, starting with a minimum of 50 users (can be both students and teachers).

Contact Music EDnet for Soundtrap within the Music First Classroom

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