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Explore creative sound making in the classroom

Soundtrap for Education empowers students and teachers to explore creative sound recording in all subjects, for all ages and ability levels. Whether students are exploring the ways music can take presentations to the next level, collaborating with classmates to create a song, or recording podcasts to share knowledge on subjects, Soundtrap for Education amplifies learning.

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Safe and secure environment

Soundtrap for Education provides students with a safe and secure online environment to learn and play in. Soundtrap works hard to meet or exceed legal compliance requirements and to stay abreast of the fast-changing privacy law landscape. They are committed to being a trusted partner for our schools and to help schools meet their own compliance obligations under the privacy laws.

In Australia and New Zealand Soundtrap for Education has been assessed by Safer Technologies 4 Schools as compliant … a rigorous process supported by all State and Territory Education Departments and Catholic and Independant School systems in Australia and the Ministry of Education in New Zealand .

Sound creation for your digital classroom

Take music class online with integrations to Noteflight and Flat.io, and also with LMS platforms like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology and Musicfirst. Creation, assessment, and evaluation of assignments is smooth and seamless. Soundtrap for Education is committed to being responsive to the future-ready classroom.

Multi device

...from anywhere on any device

Soundtrap for Education works seamlessly across all wifi connected devices. And since the Studio is completely cloud-powered, students can continue working on their music or podcasts from home. You will have access to an extensive collection of quality loops, effects, and software instruments. Soundtrap for Education is easy and intuitive to use by both teachers and students—of all ability levels—who want to create professional and polished projects.

Your everywhere studio

Special Education

Students with dyslexia can practice reading a passage for fluency and confidence.

Students create challenging social skill scenarios (i.e. how to manage losing a game).

Then record, add sounds and audio. Recording answers if student has difficulty writing.


Study sound waves by examining recorded waveforms generated by a dropped ball.

Build a field guide to on-campus birds (include song samples and spoken recordings of appearance, diet, and habitat).

Create soundscapes for each major biome, using a variety of sounds to identify characteristics, flora, and fauna.

Language & Literacy

Present student writing through a class radio drama or a poetry slam.

Students create audiobooks from their writing (add a ”ding” to indicate page turns).

Add soundtrack to a foreign language text to demonstrate understanding of content or sequence of events.

Social Studies

Compose and record radio drama based on a historical event.

”Day in the life” documentary creation that describes the sights, sounds and activities during a specific time period.

Record a re-enactment of a historic debate using multiple vocal tracks and sound effects.


Students produce a portfolio of their best arrangements, compositions and performances.

Students create district on-hold music for phone system.

Facilitate playing tests by using the assignment and collaboration features.


Display visual transformation of a function.

Student create repeating/growing patterns using the pre-recorded loops/sounds.

Use the keyboard touch instrument to help students make musical connections to the Fibonacci sequence.


Create virtual field trips with student recorded tour guide voice overs.

Students learn about a different country by interviewing a recent traveler and creating a digital travel album.

Podcast the points of interest along a race route for runners to listen to as they pass the points of interest. Collaborate with the community organization or race hosts.

Culture & Climate

Compose a culture building song appropriate to specific school situation.

Create a morning announcements theme song.

Collect sounds from around the school to make promo for assemblies or character trait songs.

Industrial & Visual Art

Critique a famous piece of art or discuss design elements by recording and reflecting.

Student teaches others about ideation, research and composition.

Students create a reflection and/or explanation of artwork they created for people to listen to as they observe their art via QR code.

Tech & Business

Create a radio commercial to promote a product or business.

Podcast the points of interest along a race route for runners to listen to as they pass the points of interest. Collaborate with the community organization or race hosts.

Students create music, promotional material and tour schedule for fabricated band.

Speech & Drama

Voiceover work for various projects.

Record a debate between two different viewpoints presenting.

Compare and contrast tracks regarding articulation, conversation & pronunciation.


Project based learning creations with student podcasts.

Teacher flips the classroom by recording a tutorial that students listen to asynchronously.

Student portfolios that captures their work over time.

Family Consumer Sci

Create a podcast that gives information regarding a fruit or vegetable.

Students create a nutritional informative public service announcement in conjunction with the school lunch program.

Audio explanation of process while planning, preparing and cooking a meal.

Health & PE

Creating PSAs for health related topics (examples: smoking, nutrition, health & fitness, diseases, etc.)

Create original music for playlist based on heart rate rhythms.

Have students narrate a spin class (including cheers) and underline it with matching music, according to the intensity.


Students interview people about their careers and add appropriate sound effects.

Student portfolios that captures their work over time.

Facilitate learning conversations using the text & video chat features while co-creating with collaborators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support educators in making a meaningful difference to music and arts education through the effective integration of technology … technology that engages students, empowers teachers and turbo charges the creative mind.

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