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Connect anytime, anywhere with the best ear training software!

Auralia and Musition Cloud allows your students to use this remarkable ear training and theory software at school or at home, on any device.

Easily set tasks, deliver curriculum and assess your students, without grading a single paper!

Auralia Cloud Edition allows your students to develop their aural skills and complete assessment tasks at school or home – wherever they have a web connection! All student results are stored in the Cloud, allowing you to easily track their progress and provide meaningful feedback.

More information available here on the Auralia & Musition Cloud page.

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Auralia Ear training with real music

With 59 topics and endless customisation Auralia® is simply the best ear training software.

We cover all the fundamentals; pitch, rhythm, intervals, chords, scales and tuning. Progress through cadences, melodic dictation, rhythm, jazz progressions and harmonic transcription!

Auralia Ear Training – Amazing

  • Fundamentals, Theory & Aural I – IV
  • Interval, scale & chord ID
  • Melodic, rhythmic & harmonic dictation
  • Sight singing & rhythm reading
  • Error detection & part dictation
  • Worksheets, assessments & placement exams
  • Complete customization

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