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Auralia and Musition Cloud allows your students to use this remarkable ear training and theory software at school or at home, on any device.

 Easily set tasks, deliver curriculum and assess your students, without grading a single paper!

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Auralia Musition Cloud sync

Flexible and Comprehensive Assessment

Auralia and Musition both provide topics that are suitable for jazz, contemporary and classical students, beginners through to college level.

All results are stored in the Cloud, allowing you to easily track student progress and provide meaningful feedback, on and off campus!

Students can work through courses, review lessons, complete tests, and take drills in many areas, on nearly any device.

Auralia and Musition Practice

LMS Integration

Auralia and Musition Cloud can now be integrated with your LMS!  We currently support Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, Schoology and the MusicFirst Classroom.
Students and instructors launch Auralia and Musition directly from the LMS, with no additional authentication required. No more importing students and resetting passwords, it’s much easier.
Instructors can create tasks in their LMS, link it to a test or course in Auralia and Musition, and scores flow back into your gradebook.  It’s a HUGE timesaver!
Auralia and Musition Canvas Integration

Platforms and Browser

Auralia and Musition Cloud can be used on nearly any device!  Use the installed Windows and Mac software, or open your browser and use these amazing ear training and theory tools on your iPhone, Android, iPad or Chromebook!

The browser client is completely integrated with existing Cloud services; simultaneous use of the traditional Windows and Mac client is supported.

Auralia and Musition multi device

Further details can be found in this article!

The world’s most powerful ear training & music theory software.

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Our mission is to inspire and support educators in making a meaningful difference to music and arts education through the effective integration of technology … technology that engages students, empowers teachers and turbo charges the creative mind.

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