Great Training and Support - when you need it

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn”

With new technology comes great responsibility.

Music EDnet is the guide by your side ... but we also have your back!

We believe progressive teachers are evergreen learners and generally early adopters of new technologies. And the learning experiences you share using new technology with your students are immensely valuable. Which means, inevitably, things don’t always go to plan.

So …  in addition to our FREE* initial training and support and on-line resources and guides we are here to provide that extra training and support when you need us.

*Music EDnet provides FREE initial training and support, as appropriate, with new technology we supply.

This is what sets Music EDnet apart from other suppliers of technology for music, media and the performing arts.

Training and Support

Training and Support from Music EDnet

    Being Prepared. Its FREE*

    *Included with technology supplied by Music EDnet.
    Taking you to the next level. Priceless.

    It’s not free, but tailored to the specific needs of you or your team.
    When you need help getting started. It’s FREE*

    *Available with technology supplied by Music EDnet.
    When you have a challenge ahead.

    Tailored to meet the challenge.

Contact Music EDnet to discuss your Training and Support needs and to request a quote.

Once upon a time...

Most adventures start out with a sense of excitement, looking forward to what the future will bring. And like all good stories, the road ahead can be unpredictable. No problem.

LEVEL 1 TRAINING: Being prepared

Whenever we provide you or your school with new technology it comes with appropriate initial training and support to get you on your journey. Whether it’s a new software application, an upgraded PA system or an amazing new performing arts theatre, our initial LEVEL 1 training will cover all the basics.

LEVEL 1 TRAINING is what we believe is the minimum level required to start with confidence, knowing that everything works as expected. We normally provide this as a FREE service when we supply new technology and it may be delivered on-line or in-person as appropriate for the technologies involved.

INITIAL SUPPORT is also a FREE service that is there when you need it, when things are not quite going to plan. Again this comes with any new technology we supply.

LEVEL UP TRAINING: Taking you to the next level

When you realise you are only scratching the surface with the technology you now have, sometimes you can do with a little help. So we are always here to provide that extra level of training to help you achieve more. This is not a FREE service, but it can certainly prove to be priceless.

... and they lived happily ever after.

Well in the fairy tale they might, but our story never ends. Technology, curricula and pedagogies are ever evolving, so there can be challenges along the way that are unexpected. But we don’t see any of these as a negative. In fact most will be a valuable learning opportunity.

In some cases a LEVELING UP session may get you back on track in no time. But if something just doesn’t work as it should then we can always call in the Music EDnet Support Gurus. More often that not we will have covered the issue before … it might even be in one of our Knowledge Base articles … but whatever the problem we will be there for you. When you need it our CUSTOM SUPPORT, including Remote Assist, is the answer.

Oh No! My technology is broken

It doesn’t happen often, but technology can simply fail. The good news is that if electronic equipment fails it is most likely in the first few months … and that is why we have manufacturer’s warranties.

In Australia the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) provides peace of mind based on what is a reasonable lifetime expectation relative to the cost and application of the equipment concerned. In most cases that is well beyond the typical 12 months that manufacturers offered in the past. Of course there are exceptions, like batteries, but generally the consumer laws in Australia and New Zealand will cover you well.

Music EDnet support includes technical service and repairs when needed and we work with highly qualified and manufactuer-authorised technical service partners across Australia and New Zealand. In the first instance call Music EDnet or you can submit a support ticket.

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