Activating a Multi-Seat Sibelius Ultimate UPDATE and SUPPORT renewal

Applies to
Sibelius 8 or later multiseat perpetual licence (network or stand-alone)

The ‘Sibelius Multi-Seat Annual Update and Support Renewal Plan’, which you can order through Music EDnet, provides access to all Sibelius updates and Avid Sibelius support for another 12 months. This is NOT a subscription license.

The redemption code on your licence advice PDF document provided by Music EDnet via email to your school, should be in this format for the following instructions to apply:


The ‘SIBNR201’ (or ‘SIBSSR201’) code should be entered via the ‘My Products and Subscriptions’ page of your Avid account where the existing Sibelius 8+ licence resides as follows:

  1. You can get to the ‘My Products and Subscriptions’ page of your account via the direct link of www.avid.com/subscriptions (just make sure you’re logged into the correct account where you can see the original Sibelius multi-user Stand-Alone or multi-user network licence entry from your previous purchase and redemption).

  2. Below is an example of what you should see in the account under the Sibelius entry for the case where it is a ‘Sibelius multi-seat network expansion’ licence that is having it’s update and support plan renewed after expiry.  If the licence is not an ‘expansion’, it’s title in the purple bar at the top will be ‘Sibelius multi-seat network licence‘ or simply ‘Sibelius multi-seat licence‘ if it’s a non-network ‘Stand-Alone’ one.  You just need to click the blue reinstate support link to expose the field to enter the renewal code, as shown in the example below:

    Sibelius upgrade and support renewal

  3. You should now be able to enter the ‘SIBNSR201’ (or ‘SIBSSR201’) code from your PDF licence advice document.

    Sibelius upgrade and support renewed

  4. Once you’ve entered your code, click the blue ‘submit’ button on the right, and your account will be updated when it’s finished processing with the new support period, as shown in the example below:
Sibelius Ultimate
How to process your Sibelius Ultimate multi-seat Update & Support renewal code.
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