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Moving Sibelius license server to a new machine

Applies to
Sibelius License Server v8 and later, Windows 7 and later, Mac OSX 10.9 and later

To move the Sibelius License Server to a new server you must firstly deactivate it on the existing server, uninstall it and then activate it on the new server. As of Sibelius 8+, licensing is handled via the Avid Application Manager.


  1. Run the License Server Control Panel on the existing server.
  2. Go to the Licenses tab and click the Manage Licenses… button in the bottom left.
  3. Avid Application Manager will launch and appear.
  4. Under the licensing Tab of Application Manager at the top, Click the Deactivate button next to your Sibelius License Server info on the right.
  5. Having deactivated, quit Application Manager, and then quit the License Server Control Panel. You may now uninstall it as normal.
    Note: For Mac users, follow the License Server uninstall process for Mac OSX in this article.
  6. On the new server, download the latest version of the License Server you need from your Avid account containing your Sibelius 8+ network license, via www.avid.com/subscriptions.
  7. Install the new License Server download on the new machine, and activate it via the License Server Control Panel > Manage Licenses > Application Manager process as done on the previous machine.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to change the server IP details on the client machines if the new server has a different IP address to the old server machine.

Note: If the ‘deactivation’ and ‘activation’ processes give you an Activation Server Failed to be Reached error, then your corporate internet firewall is interfering with the process.
An increasingly common way of getting around the school firewall proxy issue with Sibelius licensing (and other products that use a ‘call to home’ licensing procedure) is to set up a WiFi hot-spot on your smart-phone if you have one, and temporarily connect the PC or Mac in question to the internet via that hot-spot. This is more convenient than manual license deletion and following the ‘offline’ activation procedure.

Sibelius Ultimate
Instructions for deactivating and uninstalling the Sibelius 8+ licence server so it can be reinstalled and reactivated on a new server machine.
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