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Sibelius 7.1 and Sibelius 7.5 multi-seat “Stand-Alone” licence activation

Applies to
Sibelius 7 and 7.5 on Windows and Mac OSX

The following instructions are for ‘Stand-Alone’ Sibelius 7 and Sibelius 7.5 multi-user licenses.
If you have a ‘network’ multi-user licence for Sibelius 7 or Sibelius 7.5, please see these
separate instructions.

Step 1

Install Sibelius 7 or 7.5 from the ‘Program DVD’ in your Media Install Kit, or, preferably, from the appropriate download link for your version on the page linked below:

*Optional (recommended); Install the ‘Sibelius 7 or 7.5 Sounds’ component from the ‘Program DVD’ in your Media Install Kit, and from the 3 ‘Content DVDs’ also, if you want to use the high-quality sound library for playback.  Note that the 23GB Sibelius 7 Sounds and Sibelius 7.5 Sounds download packages are available at the link above too.

Step 2

Start Sibelius 7/7.5 on the machine after installing and click ‘Activate’ when prompted.  A small application called ‘Avid License Control’ will launch.

Step 3

Click ‘Activate’ next to the ‘Sibelius 7/7.5’ option in Avid License Control and follow the prompts to activate via the ‘indirect’ activation process.  Follow the instructions at the link below if you have trouble with this process.

Note 1: ‘Avid License Control’ is a legacy 32-bit application and will not work on Mac OSX 10.15 Catalina and later.

Note 2: ‘Automated Online Activation’ of the Sibelius Licence Server in Avid License Control no longer works. It must be done via the ‘indirect’ activation process detailed below:

Please see the Sibelius 7 Quickstart guide booklet in your Media Install kit for more information on Stand-Alone activation and installation of Sibelius 7 if you need it.

Sibelius Ultimate
Instructions to activate Sibelius 7.1 & 7.5 ‘Stand-Alone’ multi-seat licences.
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