Primacoustic Hexus Cloud – Paintable (2 pcs)




Suspended Acoustic Panel – Paintable (2 pc kit)

The Primacoustic Hexus is a high-performance hexagonal cloud panel designed to hang from the ceiling and absorb sound while trapping reflections from the ceiling.

Each Primacoustic Hexus kit ships with two panels, Helix cloud anchors and SlipNot suspension cables, as well as T-anchors and eye hooks for ceiling mounting.

  • Available in 2 sizes – 36″ x 1.5″ (914mm x 38mm) or 48″ x 1.5″ (1219mm x 38mm)
  • Easily mounts to any ceiling (suspension hardware included)
  • Finished in a white paintable finish

$770.00$1,005.00 ex GST

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Every aspect of a room — walls, floor, and especially the ceiling — can contribute to problematic acoustic reflections, echoes, reverb, and other room anomalies. Enter Primacoustic’s Broadway Clouds, the perfect multi-shape panel solution for taming ceiling sound wave reflections.

Broadway Clouds hang from the ceiling, or can be used as baffles or wall panels, capturing reflections by absorbing sound as it hits the face of the panel, trapping reflections on the back side.

Made of high-quality micromesh material with resin hardened edges, the panels can be covered in Broadway acoustically transparent fabric, or coated in proprietary Absolute White paintable finish, which allows you to lightly spray paint the panels on-site for pleasing aesthetics without affecting acoustical performance.

How to Paint Panels

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