Gravity SS 5211 B SET 1 Speaker Stands with Carry Bag



Set of 2 Aluminium Speaker Stands with Carrying Bag

The Gravity SS 5211 B SET 1 set includes two Gravity SP 5211 B tripod speaker stands and the padded heavy duty Gravity BG SS2 B carry bag for convenient, easy transport.

$344.00 ex GST

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The tripod base is made of die cast zinc while the legs are made of strong and heavy folding steel. Hefty rubber cabs for surface protection complete the picture of the stand.

The Gravity MS 3122 HDB boom hub features precision 2-point tilt and position adjustment of the telescoping arm. A quick fastener allows for easily variable extension to a maximum length of 88 cm, and the custom designed retainer requires no tools for quick and secure mic clip attachment.

A set of black coding rings is included with the Gravity MS 3122 HDB, additional ring packs are available in a wide array of colors for instant personalization.

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