Gravity MS TBA 01 Microphone Boom Arm



Microphone Boom Arm

The Gravity MS TBA 01 is a professional microphone boom arm that can be attached nearly anywhere using its versatile clamp. The clamp’s very wide clamping range, which is designed for table edges up to 54 mm in thickness, and the specially shaped clamping surface, which enables device attachment to smooth surfaces as well as pipes, makes universal positioning possible.

  • Boom arm for attachment to desks, tubes, etc.
  • Flexible orientation in any position
  • Microphone holder can be rotated with one hand in four 90° positions
  • Clamp with wide clamping range (15-54 mm
  • Sturdy, light aluminium construction
  • Integrated cable guide
  • Perfect solution for podcasters, YouTubers, home studio producers & Co.

$162.00 ex GST

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With its three joints the Gravity MS TBA 01 desk-mounted microphone boom arm can be placed in pretty much any position you want. Another special feature that Gravity® developed for the microphone holder mechanism allows you to pull out the entire microphone holder with one hand and rotate it in 90° increments, even after the microphone has been screwed in place with the microphone or shock mount. The holder then automatically snaps back into place. Why is that so special?

Just imagine, you’re sitting at your desk and want to record a video when you do a last-minute check of your camera. That’s when you discover that the microphone’s current position is getting in the way of the picture or that it’s blocking you from seeing your sheet music or notes – simply pull the microphone towards you, rotate it, and release. Voilà … you’re all done!

The Gravity MS TBA 01 is made almost entirely of lightweight aluminium; only the table clamp is made of steel and provides the weight required for securely attaching the entire structure to the desk. The microphone cable also runs safely along the arm. It is neatly packed in the integrated cable guide so that you can quickly exchange the cable when things get a little hectic.

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