Gravity Absorber Pucks




Absorber Pucks for Speakers – 4 pcs

The Gravity Absorber pucks can be placed freely under a loudspeaker (e.g. studio monitor) and achieve a decoupling of the loudspeaker cabinet and the installation surface due to their silica gel surface. This significantly reduces vibrations and oscillations and makes the stereo image more precise by reducing acoustic smearing and discolouration.

  • Reduction of vibrations and oscillation transmission
  • Improvement of the stereo image
  • Bearing surface made of insulating silica gel
  • Load capacity: 36 kg (when using four pieces)

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Those who do not place their studio monitors on a table surface, but use dedicated stands and mounts for monitoring in their own studio, are already doing a lot of things correct. Nevertheless, studio monitors also generate oscillations and vibrations here, which are transferred to the supporting surface and can thus impair the stereo image of the speakers. Usually, the larger the surface, the more energy transfer takes place. With the SA SM IF 01 absorber pucks, Gravity has a solution ready that can have a big impact with small means.

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