Flat for Education



Flat for Education

Cloud-based and collaborative notation

Flat for Education provides an intuitive, cloud-based platform specially tailored for music classrooms, enabling seamless collaboration between students and teachers. Students enjoy real-time creation with musical compositions and activities, and teachers are supported by auto-graded music theory questions and performance tasks that monitor and assess recorded performances. You can easily create, customize, and track diverse assignments, using the platform to reach specific learning objectives. The end result is effective music education with a platform that efficiently aligns with your teaching goals.

Flat for Education accounts comply with COPPA and FERPA regulations, ensuring safe usage for children.

FLAT is an annual subscription with a minimum 50 users required per school subscription.

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Flat for Education is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation platform that helps you engage your students in and out of the classroom. Flat for Education can be effortlessly integrated with 25+ apps already present in your day-to-day routine, including Soundtrap for Education, Google Classroom, Teams, Canvas, MusicFirst Classroom, Schoology and many more! It’s your one-stop-shop for music education.

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