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Sibelius Ultimate multi-seat “Stand-Alone” licence activation

Applies to
Sibelius Ultimate on Windows and Mac OSX

The following instructions are for ‘Stand-AloneSibelius Ultimate multi-user licenses.
If you have a ‘network’ multi-user licence for Sibelius Ultimate, please see these separate instructions.

Step 1

Install Sibelius Ultimate from the appropriate installer download found on the ‘Products’ page of your Avid account where the Sibelius|Ultimate multi-user license is hosted at the link below:


*Optional (recommended); Install the ‘Sibelius Sounds’ component from the Avid account on the same page, but do note this is a 23GB download, which will extract to 36GB once installed.

Step 2

Start Sibelius|Ultimate on the machine after installing and click ‘Activate’ when prompted. A small application called ‘Avid Link’ will launch.

Step 3

Follow the steps at the link below to activate Sibelius using Avid Link:


Note: if this fails due to Firewall restrictions in your school’s network environment with the message: Activation Server Could Not Be Reached or Failed to Process Your Request, please use one of the options below to complete the activation:

  1. If you are a school network administrator, you can free up the internet port that’s being blocked via the information in the help page at the link below, then try again:


  2. If option 1 is not possible in your environment, please follow the indirect activation procedure detailed at the link below:

Sibelius Ultimate
Activation instructions for Sibelius|Ultimate multi-user Stand-Alone licenses.
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