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Behringer X Air mixer connection via your school WIFI

Applies to
Behringer XR12, XR16 & XR18 digital mixer series

Connecting to the X Air Mixer

You’ll first need to connect to the X Air mixer directly via it’s built-in router, so you can alter the settings to allow it to connect to the school network.

  1. Write down the network name, password, and security protocol (WEP, WPA, or WPA2) of your school network.
  2. Set the switch on the X Air Mixer to Access Point and power it on.

    XR12 Front Panel 1
  3. Select the X Air Mixer as your network in WiFi Settings of your mobile device, Windows PC or Mac.

  4. Launch the X-Air App and select the X Air Mixer when it appears next to the IP address box.

Sending new network info to the X Air Mixer

  1. Press Setup at the top-right of the screen in the X-Air app and then press Network

  2. Enter the name and password for your school WIFI network in the designated sections.

  3. Select WEP, WPA, or WPA2, then press Apply on the left of the Network window, and quit the X-Air app.

Switching to the new Network

  1. Change to the school’s WIFI network in the Wifi settings of your computer or mobile device. and then turn off the X Air mixer.

  2. Set the switch on the X Air Mixer to WiFi Client, then power the mixer on again.

    XR Front Panel 2
  3. Now launch the X-Air app on your computer or mobile device once again.

  4. Select the X Air Mixer when it appears next to the IP Address box
Behringer XR18+iPad
How to control a Behringer X-Air from your mobile device while connected to your school's WIFI
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