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Activating a NEW Sibelius Ultimate UPDATE & SUPPORT PLAN – NON-ACADEMIC

Applies to
Upgrade to latest Sibelius Ultimate from any previous version of Sibelius (full versions only) or where the UPDATE & SUPPORT Plan has expired

IMPORTANT: Any previous UPDATE & SUPPORT plan must show as expired in your AVID account for a NEW Plan to be activated.

Step 1: Redeeming your Download Code

When you purchase the New Sibelius UPDATE & SUPPORT Plan, you are not provided with an upgrade license directly. First, you will receive a ‘Download Code‘ via email from Music EDnet and you will need to redeem this code to access the download for your software.

Go to https://my.avid.com

If you already have an Avid account then log in, if not, create a new account.

AVID account login

Once you have logged into your Avid account you should arrive at the ‘My Account‘ page. If not, click on your email address (circled in green below) to get there. Then click on ‘Avid Software Activation and Download‘ (circled in red below).

AVID MyAccount

This will take you to the ‘Activate Product Subscription’ page. Note that in this context ‘subscription‘ includes perpetual Sibelius licence upgrades.

Activation download product redemption

Step 2: Activating your upgrade

Once the Download Code has been accepted and processed, the following Sibelius Upgrade product, pending upgrade verification will be shown in the ‘My Products and Subscriptions‘ area (the ‘My Products and Subscriptions’ link is found under ‘My Products’ on the left-hand side after logging in initially).


You then enter the serial number (Sibelius 1-7.0) or System ID (Sibelius 7.1-7.5) of the version you’re upgrading from and click the ‘Submit’ button.

Once it’s processed, this is what you’ll see in the account and you’re ready to download/install and activate Sibelius.  Click Show (circled in green) at the bottom to find the download links.


Sibelius Ultimate
How to activate your 'Sibelius UPDATE & SUPPORT PLAN - NON-ACADEMIC' - single license
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