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Flat for Education is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, cloud-based music notation platform that helps you engage your students – in and out of the classroom.

Flat for Education

Australia & New Zealand
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Flat for Education provides the tools you need to boost classroom creativity.

Flat Resource Library

Introducing the Resource Library

The ultimate database for all your assignments! It’s designed to streamline your assignment creation process and make it more efficient. You can easily keep track of all your assignments, organize them however you like, and assign them to your classes in no time.

Real-time feedback and in-line comments

Encourage students to do their best work by commenting and giving feedback in real time.

Flat Realtime Feedback
Flat Smart Classroom Management

Smart classroom management

Flat for Education helps manage your classroom by allowing you to easily track student engagement for each assignment, their progress over time, and final results.

Seamless grading

Easily move between student submissions for review and grading. Grades are automatically added to your favorite LMS gradebook.

Flat Seamless Grading


Make it yours, make it fun!

Custom Toolsets

Choose the tools available to your students for the task at hand.

Flat Noteheads


Help your students identify pitches with boomwhacker colors, shape notes, and pitches inside the noteheads

Flat Roman Numerals

Roman Numerals

Easily teach harmony through Roman numerals.

Flat Kodály Hand Signs

Kodály Hand Signs

Input your song with normal music notation, and have the Kodály notation automatically generated.


Made to connect with your favorite tools

Flat for Education can be effortlessly integrated with 50+ apps you already use in your day-to-day.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom

Sync your student rosters, your Flat for Education assignments, and add them to your Google Classroom gradebook.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Sync your student rosters, your Flat for Education assignments, and add them to your Microsoft Teams gradebook.

and many more!










Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and support educators in making a meaningful difference to music and arts education through the effective integration of technology … technology that engages students, empowers teachers and turbo charges the creative mind.

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