New Performing Arts Precinct at Kadina Memorial School

KMHS Performing Arts

Kadina Memorial School is situated on the Yorke Peninsula in South Australia and home to 1200 students (years R-12) and 150 staff. This is the largest school in SA outside of the Adelaide metropolitan area.

The new Performing Arts building project

The $4.18M facilities upgrade was completed in early 2022 and included a new Performing Arts Theatre, three music classrooms (primary, secondary and instrumental) and a drama classroom.

The project was well under way when Music EDnet was invited to meet with school leaders and other stakeholders to assist in finalising the design of the audio, video and lighting facilities. Not surprisingly, as construction had already begun, the majority of the underlying infrastructure had already been specified.

Stepping up the technology plan

During that first meeting we were able to gain a clear understanding of the music and performing arts program at Kadina along with the intended activities within each new space. We were also able to explore some of the opportunities that newer technologies would allow … especially utilising the school ICT networking infrastructure wherever possible.

The first challenge of course was making changes to the current specifications. Any changes after a building contract has commenced will incur costs. However, in this case, while we added some necessary network cabling, we eliminated almost all of the standard audio, video and lighting cabling.

To the greatest extent possible, our design approach was based on digital networking for all audio, video, lighting and control … which greatly simplified the required cabling and infrastructure and makes it possible to distribute audio and video almost anywhere across the school.

Our final design provided all the desired capabilities, enabled considerable future flexibility and saved the school around $60k.

Design summary

The design approach was about making optimal use of the school’s ICT network cabling. This meant that the audio, video, stage lighting and control systems use data protocols that are school ICT friendly. We were also able to include some of the school’s existing audio equipment with minor upgrades.

The Theatre Sound, Video/Projection, Lighting (and Main Curtains) are all controllable via the network.

Theatre Sound System

  • Yamaha TF-5 digital mixing console (with *Dante/network connection)
  • Mobile stage rack with a Tio1608-D 16in/8out Dante interface,  a Bluetooth receiver, 2 x Sennheiser wireless mics (complementing 6 existing systems).
  • 2 x Audio Technica overhead condenser mics (installed above the stage)
  • 2 x Yamaha DZR12-D powered speakers (FOH) connected directly to the network (Dante)
  • 2 x Yamaha DBR10 powered speakers (stage fill) connected to the network via Dante adaptors
  • 2 x Yamaha DBR10 powered speakers (portable, foldback
  • Wireless theatre communications (existing system owned by the school) 

Theatre Stage Lighting

  • ETC CS20 Lighting Console (network connected)
  • 24 x LED lighting fixtures (local DMX control with each lighting bar row connected to the network). Fixtures included cyclorama washes, PARs, moving heads and motorised zoomable fresnels

Theatre Video/Projection

  • Epson Laser projector, 9000 lumens (main)
  • Epson Laser projector, 5500 lumens (teaching) with motorised screen in front of main curtain.
  • HDMI and wireless connectivity on stage and in Bio box (can be routed to projectors and/or the network)
  • ATEM Mini Pro ISO video switcher and multi-channel video recorder
  • 2 x confidence video monitors on stage (Prompt and OP)
  • NDI PTZ  camera (Full HD, 20x zoom) with a single network connection for power, video and control
  • Additional HDMI camera inputs in theatre (for standard video cameras)
  • All video is available via the network

Other classrooms

The drama classroom including a small theatre lighting rig (with an existing Jands StageCL controller) and Yamaha HS8i powered speakers connected to an existing Yamaha analog mixer.

The music room included a small theatre lighting rig with a basic Chauvet controller, 2 x Yamaha DBR12 ceiling mounted powered speakers, an existing Yamaha TF-1 digital mixer (upgraded for Dante/network connection) plus a Tio1608-D network interface.

The primary music room included a small rack mounted sound system (Yamaha MA2030 mixer/amp, Bluetooth receiver, utility drawer and on-board power) and a pair of Yamaha VXS8W ceiling mounted speakers.

The instrumental room included Yamaha HS8i powered speakers connected to a large screen TV.

*DanteDigital Audio Network Through Ethernet.

Developed by Australian company, Audinate, Dante has become the pseudo standard for digital audio networking worldwide.

What is DANTE?

The new Kadina Memorial School Performing Arts precinct ... leading the way today and enabling future flexibility.
The new facilities were officially opened by SA Minister for Education, Blair Boyer on the 23rd November 2022.
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