Primacoustic London 8 Room Kit




Room Acoustic Treatment Kit

The London 8 Room Kit is perfect for smaller rooms up to 9.3m² or can be combined with other Primacoustic panels to treat larger spaces.

  • Ideal for small recording and teaching spaces
  • Available in fabric wrapped (black or grey) or a paintable finish
  • Includes easy-mount hardware

$446.00 ex GST

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Smaller spaces can present big challenges when it comes to controlling room anomalies such as reflections, flutter echo, standing waves and resonance. This is because the walls, floor, and ceiling are closer together in a small room and, without treatment, sound will travel and bounce from surface to surface if not controlled.

Whether it’s a recording room or teaching studio or a larger space that you want to partially treat, you’ll find that London 8 panels will go a long way in controlling unwanted anomalies in a smaller room.

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