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Noteflight – How to add Teachers and Students

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Noteflight Learn

How do I create Students and Teachers in Noteflight Teacher licenses?

  • Click Sites -> Create new site. Enter the desired name for your site. This will generate a url that your students will use to log in. (eg.
  • Click Sites -> Manage current site. Then click “Teachers” or “Students” in the left hand pane of the page choose “Add Teachers” or “Add Multiple Students.” We suggest setting them all up with the same password and requiring them to change it upon logging in.

How do I give students an assignment?

  • Create a score and choose to make it an Activity Template.
  • Create your assignment.
  • Click on the sharing tab in the upper right hand corner and select “Allow site members to discover this score by searching and browsing”.
  • Copy the link in the Sharing window to give to your students.
  • At the top of the screen choose Forums -> Assignments. Add your assignment with some instructions, then cut and paste the link. You can also paste the link into an LMS or even embed the score directly if the LMS supports iFrame embedding.
How to add Students and Teachers in Noteflight Learn, the education version of Noteflight.
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